Sunday, July 3, 2011

Think of the Children

I am hearing a lot about sexual abuse of children.  If there is something that makes me question whether I am a compassionate person, it is this.  I can think of few things that are greater injustices.  The people who commit these atrocities do not deserve to live.  They effectively took the life of their victims.  I am not sure if there is a difference between compassion and a sense of justice.  Compassion is an irrational thing.  I do not believe, however, that a sense of justice is.  I cannot be certain of whether or not what I am feeling is compassion.  All I know is that the sexual abuse of children makes me sick.  Like so many other things, it is a terrible injustice.  In a truly just society, the evil people who commit sexual abuse of children would be put to death for destroying the life of an innocent child. 

Society must give every child the opportunity to be successful.  Our society is disintegrating into one that caters to the often-immoral desires of adults, rather than one that caters to the healthy upbringing of a child.  It is not society’s responsibility to raise children, but, in my opinion, it is society’s responsibility to ensure that children are given equal opportunity to do what they want with their lives.  This opportunity can manifest itself in various ways.  I believe that the best thing that society can do to ensure that children are given an equal opportunity is to allow them to be free of what can take that opportunity away.  An observation that I have made is that many words seems to have an alternate meaning that is somehow sexual in nature.  I hypothesize that the disintegration of the English lexicon is evidence of the disintegration of society.  This is just one example of the increased sexualization of society.  I would hate to live in the past, but I believe we can, and should, learn lessons from it.  Society should move towards a moral existence where children may have the opportunities they should have; where their innocence cannot be corrupted.  I do not think, however, that the government should enforce this on the populace.  It is the responsibility of individuals to uphold this.  I am uncertain of how to approach this; there seems to be a fine line between enroaching on liberty and keeping society moral.  All I can be certain of is that society is becoming an increasingly hostile place in which to raise children.  I think, some way or another, that sexuality needs to leave the view of impressionable children and it needs to go behind doors.  The law must be enforced, but total reliance upon the government is the wrong way to go, in my opinion.  To me, this is a very difficult issue, and I can’t put forward a real solution.  I just know that something should be done, and society as a whole should focus on the children. 

And, to be clear, the information about me is not set in stone.  I am a young person, and I am malleable.  I apologize for this wavering post.  I am not sure what exactly I want to say, but I think that this issue is important and that the more people who discuss it, the better.  And, part of the reason I read blogs, and part of the reason I started one, is to learn more about myself and to learn more in general.  Writing this post is a way for me to try to judge what I think is ultimately important and to try to figure out what kind of person I am and what kind of person I want to be.  I do realize that this post is deceptively self-serving.  But that does not necissarily alter the unfortunate truth.  The reason I am saying this is that I want to be transparent and acknowledge my ulterior motives in writing this.  This blog is an experiment.  That is all it is.  But, if there is some way I can do some good, however small or large it may be, is a great bonus.  I hope this post may, somehow, do some form of good to someone other than myself.  At the very least, I hope it might cause anyone who might happen to read it to think about this issue.

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