Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Riddle Wrapped in an Enigma

The fact that President Obama failed to raise the debt ceiling when he had the opportunity and is now saying how vital it is to do so is confusing.  My hypothesis is either he was expecting the Democrats to keep control of the house in 2010, or that he didn’t think that he would ever have to raise the debt ceiling because he thought his stimulus would have worked and that the revenue the government would have gained because of that would have allowed them to reduce the debt.  Or, maybe Obama has some sort of ulterior motive, or maybe he is just clueless.  

What is even more confusing is Obama's attitude:
When Democrats were in power, they ran up the tab, acting as if they [sic] would never be no consequences to their spendthrift policies.  And now they’ve left the Republicans to clean up the mess they left behind and is now faulting them for not doing it the way the Democrats (claim they) would have done it when they had the chance.  They had the chance but didn’t take it.
Is it just me, or is Obama really, really confusing?  Maybe, in order to understand him, you need to let go of any sense of reason.  Kind of like analyzing abstract art.

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