Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Some Vitriol Worthy of "Daily Kos"

Every night at 7:00 PM, the inane diatribe of nonsense popularly known as “Entertainment Tonight” rears its pug-fugly face on my TV screen when the news is over.  And, I can’t change the channel fast enough.  Any second spared of their nonsensical rantings about drivel no one in their right mind should ever care about in the slightest means one extra day of sanity at the end of my life.  Gossip is the lowest form of anything.  Why don’t Entertainment Tonight’s viewers join those of us whose IQ is higher than “below average” in not giving a rat’s ass about what costume Lady Gaga wore at some stupid award show or what bonehead Jennifer Anniston is dating?  Seriously, who cares?  Why do people obsess over these morons whose only talent is looking like a plastic cup that spent too much time in the microwave?  And what kind of society puts these morons (oops, sorry, “artists”) above people who risk their lives every day to keep people safe, or above scientists who are finding cures for diseases?  And, even if actors’ and musicians’ names are widely known (which I don’t actually have a problem with), why does every fricking detail about their lives need to be scrutinized?  They aren’t that goddang interesting!  Very rarely do you see a comparable level of obsession with professional athletes, who, in my humble opinion, are vastly more talented and skilled.  This must be one of the very few ways in which non-Western societies are actually superior.  

Okay, maybe that wasn't even close to the level of vitriol at "Daily Kos."  Anyway, I needed to vent on how oddly furious I become every time that sideshow appears on my television.  Do not expect this style of writing from me again.  

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  1. Time to repeat my favorite saying on the topic: People who worship athletes and entertainers deserve all the disillusionment they get.


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