Monday, July 4, 2011

Republicans, Canadian Style

I am a republican.  I would like to see Canada become a republic.  I would like a U.S. style constitution established in Canada.  I highly doubt that this will ever happen, but I would like it to.  Monarchism seems to have enjoyed increased support as a result of the Royal Wedding, and Prince William and Catherine’s tour of Canada will likely increase this support.  However, it may also increase the awareness of Canadian republicanism.  The monarchical presence in Canada is principally ceremonial.  The monarch and the representative of the monarch in Canada, the Governor General, do have power outlined in the Canadian constitution, but there is no reason why an elected official could not carry out these powers.  The monarchical presence in Canada is wasteful and impractical.  The constitution and structure of the United States government is ideal, and Canada’s constitution and government should be modeled after that of the United States.  I have no reason to feel patriotic about Canada now.  I would, however, if Canada were more like the United States.

UPDATE: See Beer Party for more on this subject.

By the way, happy 4th of July to everyone in the USA. 

And happy belated Canada Day to everyone in Canada.  

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