Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Some Existentialist Solipsism

To be honest, blogging for me has been more of a chore than anything for the past few days (mostly because I have been quite busy), and I haven't had the energy to spend as much time writing posts than I did before.  The number of visitors to my blog has very expectedly dropped off, and that is a reason (though not the main one) it has become a chore.  As I have previously said, I do get a lot out of blogging, but I'm starting to wonder if there is any point.  To readers: please let me know if you are still reading.  Also, I would appreciate your honest feedback on my blog.  I would very much appreciate some suggestions to improve it, if you have any.

Don't get me wrong, I do want to continue blogging.  It has been a very enjoyable endeavor and well worth whatever effort I have put into it.  I realize that, given the vast amount of conservative blogs, I need to do something different to sustain readers.  I have been thinking of ways to do that, but my ideas are still ideas that I need to contemplate further.  I really hope that anyone who reads this will come back.  Since my blog's inception, I have been experimenting with different writing styles.  Also, I was considering re-designing my blog.  I like its current design, but this is just the default design that Blogger offered (actually, when I first started it, I accidentally skipped over the part where you select the design).  I have customized it a bit, however, and I really like how my blog looks now.  (Although, I would like to reduce the clutter at the side; if you know how to reduce the "About Me" info (by which I mean:  can I show maybe the first few sentences and then insert a jump or something?)  I do not want to rewrite that, because it actually took me a long time to write that and I am satisfied with it (and, I personally think the more relevant information about a blogger, the better).)

The response I get to this post will ultimately determine what I do in the future.  The fact is that I haven't received very many comments (or visitors) recently.  Like I said, I need to do more to differentiate myself from other conservative bloggers and maintain a certain level of quality in my writing.  I will write a post in the near future once I have some sort of idea of what I am going to do (so, please check back in).  For now, I would very much appreciate feedback.  Also, I have added a few more blogs to my blogroll, but I would love suggestions for more blogs to add (I also plan on actively looking for more to add to my blogroll, starting with Instapundit).  Also, I will say now that I will delete any blog from my blogroll that isn't updated in 2 weeks.

Because there is a lot going on in my life at the moment (and sometimes I just don't feel like turning my computer on, dammit), I cannot promise to update my blog consistently.  If I write a post that can wait, I may pre-schedule its publication if I have already published other posts recently.  Also, there is definitely a pattern to posts that get a lot of comments that I can discern, so I will take that into consideration (because I do like getting comments).  My intention for writing this post is to try to figure out what I am going to do in the future.  My recent lack of visitors is the reason for this.  Frankly, blogging is boring when you don't have visitors and comments.  Also, if there is anything about my blog that you like, let me know what that is so I can expand upon that if possible.  What I do know is that I have a unique perspective.  I just haven't yet figured out how to use it.    

Sorry if this post was confusing or self-contradictory.  Also, there was something I thought of when I was writing this that I wanted to say, but I now forget what it is.  If it comes to me, I might update this post later (which I might also do if I think of anything else I want to say).


  1. Ever since Dan Blatt linked to you, I've read your blog every day (sometimes twice a day).

    I did a political/current affairs blog for nearly seven years, had hundreds of regular readers and averaged 600 hits a day (sometimes thousands when CNN or HuffPo linked). It was fun for a while to be a contrarian fag. But ultimately blogging is an instant gratification ego trip.

    Nowadays I just post what I think my buddies, Chuck and Andy, will enjoy. And sometimes they don't even like what I post.

    Being a real writer (and thinker) is a much lonelier and less immediately gratifying calling but it's more satisfying in the long run.

    However you seem to be a puppy still and I'll keep reading and enjoying watching how you grow up.

    Your hits have dropped off because the readers you got from Dan are like most netizens: they've got the attention span of texters and Twitterers and mosquitos.

    Just have fun and write to entertain yourself.

  2. The trouble is, everyone is blogging about the same thing. I simply do not cover current events at my blog unless there is some tie-in to my "mission" of cultural and political chat for libertarian and conservative women. You might want to narrow your focus.

    Blogging is indeed a chore. I have a particular blog project that I keep swearing to get back to, but then I go hang out at my favorite political or cultural forums and waste hours joking around. I even waste hours reading stupid liberal forums that I hate.

    Still, I'm determined to get back to that project!

    Even though my visitors are minimal and my motivation flags, I intend to keep it up. I'm doing it for myself and I'm such a narcissist I enjoy reading my own writing. I even edit it every time I read it.

  3. Aardvark, I am glad to hear that. One of the things I love the most about blogging is the feeling of looking forward to new comments (for the "ego trip"). Obviously, I do not know what sort of long-term gratification any of this will provide (since I only started blogging 3 weeks ago). Since this is only a hobby for me, and I don't have the time for it to be anything else, I don't want it to get very big. But, at the same time, I would prefer it to have a few readers.

    I don't know what you mean by "puppy," but I am an adult (if barely).

  4. arhooley, that is a good point. My recent posts have mostly been about current events... That is definitely something to think about. I might narrow my focus at some point... I think I have stated some goals that I have, but I'm not sure if that would constitute a "mission." I also think some of my goals might be contradictory to each other, so that would be a problem...

    I would spend time reading liberal blogs (just to get some dissenting points of view), but I find them so intolerant and often irrational that I never end up learning very much from them.

    The thing is, when no one comments and I only have a few visitors a day, I don't know if anyone is even reading. Now I know that at least one person is every day, and obviously you have been reading (I have no idea how often, though).

    I am quite self centered myself (and maybe online narcissistic, if that means anything). But I always like to know where my projects (and myself) stand, so I am quite obsessed with existentialism (it is probably the thing that will be responsible for driving me insane). I hope that all made sense.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    By the way, although I am not a woman, I like what I've read of your blog...

  5. I have found modest success as a blogger by writing about things I think are important that really aren't addressed at all (or are mentioned but tip toed around) by bigger outlets, things like the threat that islamic supremacism presents to America and the free world, and Obama's repeated acts of treason (yes, treason). I also go in depth for topics, sometimes using 30 sources or more for my posts, so that they people who come to my place will be able to leave with some knowledge that they did not have before they came to visit. people will go looking for the things that they cannot find elsewhere. There's nothing wrong with writing about current events, but to set you apart from all of the others, it's important to go that extra mile, checking out lots of sources, including foreign press and relatively obscure blogs is a good way to find stuff that will be unique to your post, and of course your own thoughts on whatever you are discussing will make your stuff unique as well. Promoting your blog on social networks and letting other writers who you've linked to know that you've linked to them is another important aspect of getting traffic in addition to being good manners.
    The Other McCain has a classic post which I highly recommend reading because it is filled with useful information about growing your blog, here:
    But most importantly, don't ever give up, and enjoy what you do! Blog because you want to, because if you treat it as a chore, it will come through in your writing.
    Also, send your links to other bloggers, you never know when they might use them & give you a bump in traffic!
    I email blog posts to people who cover similar topics (I write a lot of anti-jihad) and if they find stuff they can use in what I send, they link to me in their posts. I also email posts to bigger bloggers who like to help promote other blogs, like Doug Ross who does a daily roundup of links from right-blogs in his Larwyn's Linx and also to Pundit & Pundette. Develop friendships with other bloggers by commenting to their posts and linking to them. There is a warm supportive community of Conservative bloggers out there who will welcome you! I highly recommend that you read and become acquainted with Blazing Cat Fur, while it is the cream of the crop for right-blogs in Canada, it is run by a great guy who often links to smaller newer bloggers. Whenever one of my posts gets linked at BCF, my pageviews jump by hundreds instantly, and I have made some wonderful friends in the comment threads there and consider the blogger behind Blazing Cat Fur to be one of my favorite blogging friends. Here's where you can find BCF:
    Good luck and happy blogging!

  6. Hah, thanks, naamloos.

    To clarify, I overstated my case a bit in using terms like "mission" and "narcissist." But you've got the idea.

  7. Zilla/MJ, your comment ended up in my spam folder for some reason.

    Thank you for all your advice.

  8. First and most obvious truth: actions speak louder than words. I wouldn’t be here if your blog sent me to sleep.

    I know I blog because I enjoy it. One recent post, received 8,000-plus hits. Another less than 100. Do I prefer more hits? Of course. But in any case, I enjoy the process of learning new writing/research skills.

    Some people don’t have comments because they’re too busy or because their blog isn't "taking off". Still, your blog is relatively young, so why be hard on yourself? Why not let your blog evolve? Give it time.

    Another funny thing about online writing: I’m surprised by the feedback I’ve received, from one MTV writer to a famous novelist. Or, best of all, some meaningful encouragement from a WWII veteran.

    The exciting thing about blogging and posting articles in my “humble” view is the unknown. But (suggestion) make a pros-and-cons list. Do what’s right for you. Think long-term though.

  9. Thank you, Ben. I'm glad my blog doesn't put you to sleep.

    Thanks for the feedback. Sometimes I find it difficult to ignore my cynicism...


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