Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Quisling I Am Not

In this recent post of mine, I attempted to refute a common argument I have seen made by the gay left in response to the existence of gay conservatives.  Another common "argument" I have seen made by some members of the gay left is that gay conservatives are "quislings."  Or, in other words, we are traitors (to the gay community).  That is a very offensive slur however, as it implies some loyalty to the gay community in the first place.  I do have other characteristics, some of which I share with some non-gay people.  And, to me, those characteristics happen to be more important than my sexual orientation.  I guess I can understand why some people, who believe they are oppressed (or something), would want to group together, especially if they are trapped in a perpetual victim complex (as most gay leftists appear to be).  As I have said before, I do not have any loyalty to the gay community, nor do I have any intrinsic link to other gay people (and I especially do not have a link to people with "gender identity" issues).

Furthermore, sexuality cannot be compared to race.  Unlike race, sexuality is not hereditary.  My father is not gay.  Nor is my mother.  Most black people have at least one black biological parent.  I wasn't born into the gay community.

I haven't known that I have been gay for my entire life.  Some of my characteristics, however, I have known about, or have become aware of prior to my acknowledgement of my homosexuality.  Such as my conservative political views.

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