Saturday, August 6, 2011

I Think Obama is Skipping

Every time President Obama makes a speech, he seems to say the same thing.
We need Democrats and Republicans to work together to help grow this economy.  We’ve got to put politics aside to get some things done.  That’s what the American people expect of us.
Blah, blah, blah.  How many times have I heard this before?  What will telling the public this accomplish?  What Obama is saying seems pretty obvious.  Furthermore, surely Obama has some sort of influence in Washington.  Maybe, instead of making speeches, and telling Americans something they already know, he should being doing something himself.  Why is he just complaining?  Why doesn't he introduce a concrete plan that entails the steps he mentioned in his address, instead of lecturing Congress?

My conclusion is that Obama is campaigning, and that is all he is doing.  I hope the average American isn't dumb enough to buy Obama's rhetoric.  That is all he offers.  He offers no plan, only rhetoric.

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  1. I could write thousands of words on this topic, but I'll try to keep it down.

    This has been Obama's theme since 2007. "I'll be a uniter, not a divider . . . Not the blue states [pause for effect] or the red states [pause for tension-building] but THE UNITED STATES! [thunderous applause]" blah blah blah.

    The whole time I was asking, Unite us where? On your side? How, when I don't believe in any of your ideas? Are you going to magically change conservatives into liberals, like water into wine?

    Obama's idea of "putting politics aside" always means putting conservative principles aside.

    That's just one aspect of his non-governance; another is his sheer inertia and laziness (known by his admirers as "leading from behind" or "playing 11-dimensional chess"), which I'll leave at that since I don't want to launch on a 3000-word rant.


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