Monday, August 15, 2011

Tolerance of Muslims

I recently received an e-mail requesting me to write a post containing a message of tolerance toward Muslims.  I most recently wrote about this topic in this post, wherein I said this:
It is important to make a distinction between Muslim extremists and everyday Muslims.  The former is likely a tiny fraction of the entire Muslim population.  And, although some people may believe otherwise, I would not judge someone negatively based solely upon their religion, even if it were Islam (however, I may not hold the same attitude toward the Westboro Baptist Church and a few others).  It is, of course, the Muslim extremists that are responsible for all of the terrorism.  However, the same cannot be said for the other things that I mentioned above.  I do realize that there also exists a more liberal version of Islam.  However, that does not erase the evident correlation between Muslims and the above.  Having said that, I would not automatically attatch any of those things to any Muslim without evidence that suggests they may have perpetrated them.  To do so would be, among other things, logically fallacious.  
I am one who opposes labels and stereotypes.  As such, I have no ill will towards Muslims in general.  So, I would be more than happy to mention My Fellow American, which is a project that aims to refute negative stereotypes of Muslims.

Now, let me reiterate my position.  While I do not group all Muslims with terrorists, I recognize that the majority of terrorists are Muslims.  Islamic extremism, and Sharia law, are threats to Western society.  Please note the distinction.

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