Monday, October 24, 2011

CNN Shows Bias in Wake of Swiss Election

To anyone familiar with CNN, this should hardly be surprising.  As I was looking for an article about the federal election in Switzerland that occurred today, I found this one from CNN and I was a bit surprised at some of their word choices.  I expect CNN to be slightly biased, but not so blatantly (emphasis added):
Despite its xenophobic, anti-immigration campaign tactics, Switzerland's far-right Swiss People's Party, which took the largest share of votes four years ago in Swiss modern history, suffered losses in Sunday's parliamentary vote as voters chose more moderate parties over polarizing candidates. 
The Conservative Democrats and the Liberal Greens -- more moderate parties -- were the clear winners of Sunday's vote, signaling a change in the nation's heavily polarized political scene. 
According to, the nations' public broadcaster and pollsters, near-final results showed the People's Party taking a considerable drop, but still ahead of the center-left Social Democrats. 
The two traditional center-right parties, the Radicals and the Christian Democrats are also down 3% and 1.5% respectively, reported.
The far-right People's Party's loss came as a surprise to many who expected the far-right's scare campaign tactics to succeed once again.
Opposing immigration is not necessarily xenophobic.  And recognizing Islam as a threat and establishing measures that mean to limit its influence is the logical thing to do, as the facts suggest Islam is threatening to Western society (hopefully I will elaborate on that shortly).

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